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We blog about things we find interesting, so rather than making the site purely trading-centric, this is our channel to explore the world; widening our horizons and making life more colourful for our stakeholders & visitors.

Be Zen! Stay Zen!

British & Far East Traders

Please read our latest blog for some spiritual healing.  We all undergo times of trials & tragedies. This experience is not unique to us, it happens to all of us. The circumstances in which these events occur may be unique but the underlying spiritual principles are as eternal as the everlasting God.  Wishing you all a blessed day and hope this message blesses someone today.  Somebody needs to read this message now whoever you may be.  Spirituality is continually nurturing my soul and I hope you find your way to grow deeper in God too.  God Bless everyone!

Transitions: Uprooted & Transplanted:

Thoughts for spiritual healing


Seeds & Weeds

18th June 2019

wheatfields, harvest, british & far east traders blog

Today's post will bless you greatly if you are currently undergoing through trials. 

'Is God okay with the coexistence of joy and utter anguish? Do we have to suffer so much loss in this life in order to mature in our faith? Why would a good Father allow his children to suffer so much pain, injustice, and heartache? How can a good God allow anyone to be in a season of life where pain cohabitates with blessing-or worse, to endure a season so bleak that blessings seemed obliterated?'

' During the times, I began to understand the deeper meaning of Jesus' parable about the wheat and tares growing up together ( Matthew 13: 24-30). We plant seeds of faith that produce a fruitful harvest even as we discover weeds of destructive doubts attempting to destroy our productivity.'

'You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives' (Genesis 50:20). The apostle Paul offers a similar purposeful explanation of pain, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose" (Romans 8:28)'.

The above paragraphs are excerpts from TD Jakes' excellent book Crushing: God Turns Pressure into Power. 

We didn't find it necessary to expound on these paragraphs anymore, we just ask you to find a quiet place, meditate, and let these words wash over your soul. 

Have a nice day. 


British & Far East Traders 

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wheat harvest, harvest season

The Seasons of Life

12th June 2019

We would love to recommend to you an excellent book by Jim Rohn called 'The Seasons of Life'.  Jim Rohn's appeal is in his knack to turn ordinary things into something that could inspire us all and end up becoming objects of beauty. 

Seasons come and go but only by fully embracing each one of them as they come will we ever be fulfilled in life. Riches is not all about the money but something deeper than that. Life is full of riches- opportunities, emotions, connections, occupations, hobbies, places, books, films, plants, experiences, and yes- seasons of life. If you have the wisdom to see life in this perspective then you will be a thoughtful steward of the opportunities God is presenting to you. 

Let's keep this short & sweet, and to close off today's blog post, here is a thoughtful interlude from Lin Yutang;

" I like spring, but it is too young. 

I like summer, but it is too proud. 

So I like best of all autumn, 

because its leaves are a little yellow, 

its tone mellower, 

its colors richer, and it is all tinged a little with sorrow...

its golden riches speak not of the innocence of spring, 

nor of the power of summer, 

but of the mellowness and kingly wisdom

of approaching age.

It knows the limitations of life

and is content."

Isn't that beautiful?.

We hope you enjoy the summer, 

gather lovely memories and experiences

for life is made richer with the passing of each season. 

Be Zen! Stay Zen!


British & Far East Traders

inspiration, self-alignment, british & far east traders

Inspiration and Self-alignment for entrepreneurs

Saturday 7th June 2019

Today's inspiration for the blog post comes from Rob Moore's latest book 'Im Worth More' . 

Let's dive in to some few excerpts from the book to give you a sense of where Rob is coming from. 

' I believe the world needs to know and understand the balanced view of success, fulfilment and self-worth. The paradox of always striving for more, to grow, to be better, yet to be content and happy with who and where you are now. To drive, strive, but also feel alive.' 

'My work has taken on higher levels of abstraction and reach, from property to business to time-management to self-worth, but there is one consistent, constant theme throughout, and that is how we all value ourselves. Our self-perception, self-worth and dare I say it, self-love.' 

' You can't charge fair and meaty fees for your products and services if you don't believe in yourself. You can't sell if there's a hole in your soul. You can't put yourself out there if there's something wrong in there. Underlying every business, every pitch, every sale, every start-up, every side hustle, every investment, every partnership, every job role, and every relationship is how you feel about yourself. If you realize your value you can unleash your potential.'

' Since 2006 I've been building property portfolios and business for myself, with my business partners, and helping my communities to the same. Back then, I naively thought that giving people good information would be enough to help them succeed. After all, knowledge is power right? Again, no.'

' I soon learned that if that were the case, if it were that easy, then everyone would learn-do-succeed. I learned that motivation to act was also required. But the problem with motivation is that it's like plugging the hole in the bucket with straw. It might work for a fill or two, but then it will leak, and soon it will break.'

' I then learned that inspiration- a deeper alignment of the strategy to one's own values- was more lasting. But even with a deep desire and passion, without a foundation of empowered identity, beliefs and self-worth, any strategy would be built on sand, and in the end the waters would wash away the castle.' 

Rob Moore has always been an inspiration to alot of entrepreneurs and his no-nonsense approach in his books and podcasts keep us all entertained and well-informed. 

We highly recommend his latest book, its currently £8.99 in Amazon Kindle at the time of writing. What better way to spend your time in the garden or beach than be immersed in both sunshine and soul-food. 

As always Be Zen, Stay Zen.


British & Far East Traders

wellness, happiness, meditation, zen, purpose, british & far east traders

British & Far East Traders

Sunday 26th May 2019

W​e want to be of inspiration even if our message just touches one soul today. It is our happiness to serve you even in simple channels such as our blog. 

Today, we came across a book called Reset: How to Restart Your Life and Get F.U Money by David Sawyer

We think this is a fitting book considering the uncertainty Brexit and  US-Sino tradewars have brought to the world scene as a whole. 

We needed somehow to find an inner sanctum to process our own fears & worries at a soul-searching level. We think this book is just the answer. 

And to close the week, we want you to take in one of our favourite poems called 

Invictus by William Ernest Henley

Out of the night that covers me, 

Black as the pit from pole to pole, 

I thank whatever gods may be, 

For my unconquerable soul. 

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed. 

Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade, 

And yet the menace of the years

Finds and shall find me unafraid. 

It matters not how strait the gate, 

How charged with punishments the scroll, 

I am the master of my fate, 

I am the captain of my soul.