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The Master Key To 

Achieving Your Dreams

Reaching Your Life's Goals

With Focus, 


and Faith

Bestselling Author

Sheldon D. Newton

The following are notes / excerpts from the book with the title described above. 

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Chapter One: 

Diligence is the Master Key

to Greatness


There is only one way to accomplish your goals. And that is by diligently pursuing them, doing so relentlessly with determination and fortitude. 


Diligence is the golden key of all worthy achievements, for it is the power to consistently and persistently engage our energies and efforts to their attainment. To be diligent implies giving constant, careful steady attention to something. In other words, it means to know what you want, go after what you want and refuse to stop until you get what you want. This is the attitude that wins in life. 


Your goal is within reach if you are prepared to do what it takes, and do enough of what it takes to make it a reality. You actually have more for you than against you. The Great Creator of the universe is for your success. He is willing to help you and empower you so that you can see your dreams come to pass. But in the final analysis, whether you succeed or not is up to you. The choices you make determine your fate. 


Successful people apply diligence to their goals and dreams. That is why they win in life. 


British & Far East Traders highly advocate investing in your education and mindset. 

It pays the greatest returns!


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