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This blog post is an excerpt from the excellent book 'Chronicles of a Million Dollar Trader by Don Miller'.

'At this point in our journey, if you feel a similar urge to leave your current stable vocation to pursue trading the financial markets, think long, hard, and long again. 

The rocky path I'm about to lay out is meant to fully disclose the ramifications of my choice, which although ultimately leading to success in later years, resulted in a difficult, soul-searching journey that included believing I'd made the worst decision of my life'. 

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'In 1999, at the age of 38 as a primary wage earner and a father of a young family I had established a six-month track record to prove to my wife that I could make at least as much as I was making in my current career as the result of part-time trading. 

Believing that my trading results had been sub-optimized due to lack of full-time focus, I made the decision to leave my safe career as a corporate executive to enter the world of trading on a full-time basis.'

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'The immediate result? Well, in financial terms, during the first month, I lost everything I'd earned from trading in the previous several months as I broke every rule in the book trying to force profits. 

Far more importantly, in life terms, I felt I'd lost everything and everything I gained in 38 years, including the near-term and long-term future of those most dear to me: my wife of 14 years and my two children, ages 7 and 10.'

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'I can't stress enough the inner turmoil that I experienced during those initial months, which was only countered by the even greater powerful support of love, family, and God. 

Despite my personal selfishness and shortsightedness that placed my own career aspirations ahead of what was likely best for my family at the time, grace and support abounded everywhere and forever changed my life's priorities. 

And although much of that time was admittedly a blur, I do recall hitting my lowest low- what I call my personal abyss- one night as I fell on my knees in tears and asked God to help a soul who had gotten too far ahead of himself for his own good.'

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