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Connecting The Globe:

The Fastest Growing Industries, 

Brought Together By The New Nordic Group

Always fluctuating but incredibly solvent, the hospitality and tourism industry is growing fast.

 It is one of the largest and busiest industries we have right now. As such, it is expanding on a daily basis. 

At the same time, new customer groups are being created as we speak and growing by the minute. 

There are growing middle classes, we see more urbanization and

people are in general more flexible in terms of work and home place. 

Thus, the climate for real estate is perfect, and more importantly, lucrative.

The New Nordic Group model is to ensure that we have hands-on involvement in every aspect of the 

real estate development and travel experience, to deliver a product to international standards whilst respecting local communities, requirements and norms. We have therefore developed a dedicated team of experts over the last 10 years with expertise in project development, finance, real estate sales, retail, hospitality, F&B, and travel. 

They are running their own individual brands, as well as offering their input and expertise on new developments and acquisitions.

Auran Group Los Angeles

The Auran Group is an institutional facing entity, with a mandate to act

as a financing arm of the New Nordic Group. Auran focuses on ASEAN

countries and offers a range of exciting opportunities, tailor-made for

the investment community. The Auran team has decades of experience and a

wealth of knowledge in the real estate and investment banking

arenas and has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 2018.

New Nordic Hong Kong

What started as a regular real estate development company has now transformed 

into a client-oriented investment wonder. 

Our original company was first selling condos, which clients could turn into their

permanent home or use during holidays. However, today, we have

a different goal in mind. We aim to approach clients with incredible

opportunities they can use to their benefit and for future goals.

Now, we don’t just sell to end users. We are also collaborating with experienced investors from all parts of

the world who want to collaborate on opportunities in our regions.

On July 15, 2019, the New Nordic will mark a decade of success and

prosperity. We are proud of our steady base of clients and the fact they’ve

decided to trust us entirely. You may not know this, but most of them started by buying just one single unit.

Today, they’ve upgraded their investments, now owning multiple ones, 

and are completely satisfied with how their ventures are turning out. 

Right now, we have 3000+ clients, both pure investors and end users, who have

shown they’re happy with our services and are willing to stick with us. That in

itself is our most valuable reward.

Alani Hospitality Bangkok

Alani Hospitality is our own in-house hotel and resort management brand taking on projects of the Group, 

as well as their own ventures. They focus on the mid-segment of lifting the smaller operators up to new potential

by becoming a part of a bigger group.

They also have subdivisions: Alani Signature, Alani Residences and Alani Water World. 

Alani is focused on ‘living the experience’ where the guest will not only get a room but feel like a

part of the local community and spirit.

Some of their current projects are a Signature hotel in Bali, Kon-Tiki restaurant in Samui, Ratana Suites in

Phuket and several restaurants at our orange community at Pratamnak Hill, Pattaya. 

Kiwano Travel Tønsberg

The main goal of Kiwano Travel is to change the way the travel industry

works by developing experiences and holidays from the bottom-up, with a

commitment to ethical and sustainable concerns of traveling. 

Having most of their team sourced locally in their destination markets, they are able to

offer cool and different experiences closely connected to the everyday life

of the locals to show that Africa and Asia are so much more than beaches and safari lodges. 

Here you can have sadza in a small hut in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, you can wake up to the

sunrise over a volcano in Indonesia, you can dance the night away at an

Indian festival with friends or you can get up with the wild gorillas of Uganda. 

A trip with Kiwano is more than just a holiday, it is a journey to explore new ways of life, it is a way to broaden

your horizons, it is to walk on the less beaten track, it is to sleep under new

stars and it is a way to change your world views forever.

TravelBeats Tønsberg

TravelBeats was founded in 2012 under the name The Asia Specialist

but has in the more recent years seen a full transformation to be able to face

the changes in the travel market and the new habits of holiday seekers.

TravelBeats is an online travel and inspiration platform offering you a

local and personal insight into some of the most beautiful destinations

across the world. 

Through their big team of travel bloggers, their podcast series and their very own online travel

magazine, they offer you the personal reflections of high quality often difficult

to come by. 

Have you found your dream holiday? Then the TravelBeats travel planners are ready to assist.

Orion Invest

New Nordic Group works to be first with the latest developments, and new technology has enabled us to open up

the real estate investment market to even more investors in more regions.

The second quarter of 2019 we will be releasing our own investment coin

as part of our latest division called Orion Invest. 

As investment products are evolving every day, everyone has to keep up the pace and use only the

best and the latest products. As such, we will base this coin on our real,

existing real estate and allow clients to buy not just an apartment but security too.