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Purposeful Projects And Vision:The Orange Society

Every destination the New Nordic Group picks has something unique to offer. However, we aim to choose

those where we can commit to becoming a part of the communities on a long-term basis. Thus, we cannot

simply develop projects without consulting the communities; we must make them a part of our endeavors.

Additionally, we have to recognize that we are responsible for the future prosperity of those 

who work for us and help us.

Of course, each culture and community have something they want to base their success on. 

But it is our job to learn from these communities. We have to interact, question and

incorporate their opinions, knowledge, and thoughts into our projects. What’s more, in order to succeed, 

we have to develop bottom-up models, as well as tailor-make and fine-tune our programs. 

That way, we can conquer challenges we might face along the way.

And how do we do that? We have our Orange Society initiative to rely on. 

The Orange Society is the pillar of our daily operations at various destinations, 

as well as within New Nordic departments. 

It is the essence of our Group that gives us two main points to focus on. Our first priority

is to drive development forward and work for and with our Orange team, as well as local communities. 

Meanwhile, our second priority is to develop sustainable operations by incorporating positive economics.

 That will allow us to take the pressure off our resources. 

More importantly, it will help us save the environment and build a better future for our