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Source: Lead Generation

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Private Ads

Hint: It would be better to focus your research on Private Landlords instead of Agencies. 

Landlords advertising on these portals are aiming to save money!

Try to focus on houses as most of these are less restrictive. Flats tend to have more restrictions in place. You have to read letting out clauses from the whole flat management or residents association, etc. 

Sales & Letting Agents

  • They already have a large database of landlords and buyers and they have already developed a good rapport with the people you want
  • If you have developed a good rapport with the agents, they will supply you with a good deal flow. 
  • Be aware that agents are very protective of their stock.
  • Some agents are not aware of the more creative deal strategies so if you are doing one, make sure you explain your strategy very clearly to them. 
  • With agents, it's all about building long term relationships, don't just go for the jugular and move on to the next. 
  • Incentivise them where necessary
  • The money, the proof, the dealflow is in the follow-up