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Transitions: Uprooted & Transplanted

20th June 2019

England, United Kingdom

As entrepreneurs & traders we are hardwired to control as much variable as we can in order for our trades and our businesses to succeed. As we are programmed to behave this way, the things that life throw at us make us feel very vulnerable, exposed, and sick to the point of we are actually paralysed because of fear of the unknown. 

We may be masters in our trades or businesses but this does not mean we can control what happens in our earthly existence. Life can throw alot of surprises on our path that we have not trained for or skilled-up for. 

We should not panic nor be devastated when life constantly hurls insults and challenges on us. Sometimes what happens is God actually Uprooting us because He knows the soil we are currently planted on is not meant for our maturity but for us to initially take root as seedlings. 

The master planter knows what is best for us. As human beings we might think God is punishing us one thing after the other. This is our fault if we think this way because we are thinking for God. We must always remember that God's ways are higher than ours and His wisdom is too deep no one can fathom.

Sometimes our need for control in our lives is detrimental for our growth. After we have done our best, we must entrust our fate to the hands of the Almighty. He knows which soil we must be planted on in order for us to take roots to sustain our growth in order for us to bear fruit and for others to partake God's blessings in our lifetimes. 

Life is a gift to us. We must enjoy it to the fullest even though this include trials and tragedies. We should let go of our controlling tendencies when it comes to living our life to the fullest and let God reveal to us His plans in the stillness of our faithful minds. 

Stop asking other people for advice because they too are as confused as you. The best they can offer you is companionship but not life advice. They can share their opinions but you must rest on the belief that God has our steps ordered because He holds the blueprint of our lives. 

As a parting thought, meditate on these bible verses for a while in the stillness of your mind:

' The righteous will fluorish like a palm tree, they will grow like a Cedar of Lebanon; planted in the house of the LORD, they will fluorish in the courts of our God.'

Psalm 92:12-13

Stay Zen! Be Zen!


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